Preliminary improvements on South Boulevard discussed at ALDOT forum

Preliminary improvements on South Boulevard discussed at ALDOT forum

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Department of Transportation held a community interest meeting on Tuesday.

The meeting was held at Gateway Park Lodge in Montgomery at 5 p.m. and concerned potential pedestrian and access management improvements for the South Boulevard, specifically the portion between the Interstate 65 Interchange and Davenport Drive.

The preliminary plan includes four pedestrian walkways, two at the existing lights at Davenport Drive and at Interstate 65 North. The other two will be placed between those intersections, crossing Arby's to the TA Truck Stop and Taco Bell to the Greyhound Bus Station.

There is also a plan for sidewalks to be installed on both directions. A service road running from Waffle House to Arby's is part of the preliminary plan, as well as five different left turning lanes to help ease traffic flow.

The plan shows a cement median replacing the turning lane, resembling what was built on Chantilly. The cost, as the plan is written, is $4 million. ALDOT still finalizing where the funding will come from.

The department will review feedback from the community to see if anyone changes need to be made.

ALDOT will begin receiving construction bids for the project starting this year. Once one is decided, Brantley Kirk said construction would likely start in two to three months from acceptance.

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