Faulkner student talks about relief trip to Texas after Hurricane Harvey

Updated: Jan. 29, 2018 at 2:55 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Hurricane Harvey hit Texas cities in August of 2017, leaving floods, destroyed homes and devastation in its wake.

Faulkner University student Israel Afangideh joined more than 15 other Faulkner students and about 30 Troy Christian Student Center students for a relief trip to Beaumont, a city just east of Houston, after the storm.

"Many of those who we helped were members of the church," Afangideh said. "I can't imagine the feeling that they must have had - that they were on their own. Then you have us coming from Montgomery, a 10-hour drive, and other members of the church coming from farther away to their aid to help them."

The students helped the Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team. They removed water-logged items from the homes, including drywall, insulation, children's toys, Christmas decorations, carpets, clothes and other personal items.

The team also helped take down the damaged homes in order to rebuild.

"It struck me that for that family looking at us work, success for them that day meant destroying their house," Afangideh said. "We had one man tell us that he used to think that his house and all his stuff was what made him happy. Then he realized that it was that stuff that was stopping him from being happy."

Afangideh said the student relief team is planning a return trip to the area for their spring or summer break.

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