Alabama school grades released

The ALSDE has release "report cards" containing letter grades for school system (Source: Raycom...
The ALSDE has release "report cards" containing letter grades for school system (Source: Raycom News Network)
Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 5:36 PM CST|Updated: Feb. 2, 2018 at 3:52 PM CST
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Alabama Department of Education released report cards for the first time Thursday that contain letter grades for each public school system and individual public school across the state for the 2016-2017 school year.

All of the Alabama grades are viewable on the Alabama State Department of Education website.

Of Alabama's 137 school systems, 76 percent received either an A, B, or C; 73 percent of the schools without a Grade 12 received either an A, B, or C; and 77 percent of schools with a Grade 12 received an A, B, or C.

No school system received an F, but 95 schools without a Grade 12 and nine schools with a Grade 12 received an F.

The state introduced the Alabama State Report Card so students, parents, taxpayers, and others could easily understand how schools are doing, according to ALSDE officials. The goal of these report cards is to provide a starting point and to offer easy-to-understand and concise information on a particular school's progress.

ALSDE says the report card grading scale is based on five things: Academic achievement, academic growth, graduation rate, college and career readiness and chronic absenteeism. The letter grades are then based on the total points earned for each section.

In the Montgomery Public School System, accountability indicators show the system with a 78.6 percent graduation rate, nine points below the state average.

The system scores just a 43 for college and career readiness when compared to a state level of 66. It also trails the state average for academic growth 79.8 to 87.8 and academic achievement 45 to 60.

Absenteeism, the percentage of students with more than 15 days of absences, stands at 16.5 percent. That's under the state average of 17.6.

Loveless Academic Magnet (LAMP) and Forest Avenue Elementary lead the way in the school system with perfect report card scores of 100.  Fews Secondary Acceleration Academy saw the lowest score with a 48.  There are 17 schools in the system with an F rating and another 16 with a D.

In the Autauga County School System, accountability indicators show the system falls in line with most state averages. It has a graduation rate of 86.4 percent, just a half-percentage point below the state average.

It exceeds state averages for academic achievement (65 to 60), academic growth (91.9 to 87.8), and college and career readiness (72 to 66).

Autauga County sees an absenteeism rate of 17.44 percent compared to the state average of 17.68.

While none of the system's schools managed an A on their report card, half of the 10 schools earned a B. The only school to drop to a D was Autaugaville School at 69.

In the Lowndes County School System, accountability indicators show a graduation rate at 88.8 percent, more than a percent and a half higher than the state average of 87. However, academic growth (37) and academic achievement (78.4) fall below the state averages of 60 and 87.8, respectively.

Lowndes County schools prepare students for college and careers at a rate of 64 percent, about 2 percentage points below the state average.

Chronic absenteeism stands at 16.3 percent, more than a percentage point better than the state average.

When looking at individual schools, however, none of the system's seven schools graded higher than a D, though four are on the bubble for a C at 69. The only school to receive an F was Hayneville Middle at 56.

The Elmore County School System beats state averages in ever accountability indicator.

It has an 88.76 percent graduation rate, above the state average of 87.86.

It exceeds state averages for academic achievement (63.9 to 60.2), academic growth (88.7 to 87.8) and college and career readiness at a full point above the state's rate of 66 percent.

As for absenteeism, Elmore County schools are a full point below the state's 17.68 percent of students that have missed more than 15 days of classes.

Of the 13 schools in the system, Redland Elementary was the only one to clock-in with an A at 90. Five others had Bs while the remaining schools had Cs. Holtville High had the lowest grade at a 70.

"We understand that the state report card was developed in a short period of time by the State Department of Education to meet state legislative and federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) guidelines, and changes were made in the contents of the report card up until immediately prior to its release," Elmore County Public Schools Superintendent Richard Dennis said. "Given the nature of the report card, we are not satisfied, but we are pleased with a "B" for the district. Our focus will continue to be on teaching the College and Career Ready Standards, academic achievement, and preparing our students to be successful in college or their chosen career field."

Dennis says the letter grade is a snapshot or the school and a conversation starter for communities, not about pointing fingers.

The Macon County school district received a D. All of the schools in the district received a D or F grade. Macon County Board of Education Superintendent Jacqueline Brooks said the score doesn't define the district but gives them "insight to develop and promote pathways to success."

Brooks released this statement:

"Significant changes were made to the way report guidelines and calculations in November 2017, and three categories in which our school system and each school had A's were dropped— local Indicator, program review, and attendance rate (not the same as chronic attendance). Based on those indicators on which we worked so hard and channeled our limited resources, we were confident that our scores would have been between 77% and 86%  in our schools and 85% for the system.

However, we the new indicators that were finalized in December of 2017, we did not end up where we thought we would. You only need to look at our actual and current data on dual enrollment, workforce credentials, and growth to see that we are moving in the right direction. Do we have challenges? Yes, we do—promoting and increasing literacy community wide; recruiting and retaining great math teachers; and acquiring and expanding resources.

Let me add that the test from which these reports are based was deemed invalid when it was found to be misaligned and several districts received erroneous data reports, we are also looking forward to the adoption of a fair, valid, and reliable assessment for all of our schools.

We are now in the process of revising our strategic plan and realigning our action steps to current indicators. We are also looking at school and grade-level configuration so we don't have an elementary school that ends up with only one Indicator. We do realize and accept that in the area of subject proficiency, we have a lot of work to do and must involve the full community in early literacy to move our community forward.

We certainly hope that powers beyond the local will look at how model schools like George Hall Elementary were resourced to put in human, capital, fiscal, and social supports to make a difference in distressed areas. If this is done throughout the Blackbelt, Alabama will rise.

Finally, be cognizant that this first release is a prototype and input may be given to the department of education in terms of pros and cons."


Alexander City 78 C
Andalusia City 83 B
Auburn City 89 B
Autauga County 82 B
Barbour County  62 D
Bibb County 74 C
Bullock County 65 D
Butler County 69 D
Chambers County 76 C
Chilton County 76 C
Coffee County 84 B
Conecuh County 73 C
Coosa County 76 C
Covington County 82 B
Crenshaw County 77 C
Dale County 84 B
Daleville City 75 C
Dallas County 70 C
Demopolis City 80 B
Dothan City 79 C
Elba City 80 B
Elmore County 80 B
Enterprise City 86 B
Eufaula City 71 C
Geneva City 80 B
Geneva County 76 C
Henry County 78 C
Houston County 84 B
Lee County 78 C
Lowndes County 72 C
Macon County 67 D
Margenga County 82 B
Montgomery County 69 D
Opelika City 78 C
Opp City 82 B
Ozark City 78 C
Perry County 67 D
Phenix City 80 B
Pike County 84 B
Pike Road City 78 C
Russell County 72 C
Selma City 68 D
Tallapoosa County 75 C
Tallassee City 75 C
Troy City 79 C
Wilcox  County 64 D


Alexander City Alexander City Middle 77 C
Benjamin Russell High 69 D
Nathaniel H Stephens Elem. 75 C
William L Radney Elem. 82 B
Andalusia City Andalusia Elem. 81 B
Andalusia High 81 B
Andalusia Jr. High 80 B
Auburn City Auburn High 85 B
Auburn Jr. High 90 A
Drake Middle 92 A
Margaret Yarbrough Elem. 96 A
Ogletree Elem. 96 A
Pick Elem.  95 A
Wrights Mill Road Elem. 96 A
Autauga County Autaugaville 69 D
Billingsley High 76 C
Daniel Pratt Elem. 82 B
Marbury High 79 C
Marbury Middle 77 C
Pine Level Elem. 84 B
Prattville Elem. 85 B
Prattville High 79 C
Prattville Intermediate 81 B
Prattville Jr. High 87 B
Barbour County Barbour County High 59 F
Barbour Co. Intermediate 60 D
Bibb County Bibb County High School 64 D
Brent Elem. 62 D
Centreville Middle 67 D
Randolph Elem. 71 C
West Blocton Elem. 76 C
West Blocton High 78 C
West Blocton Middle 71 C
Woodstock Elem. 83 B
Bullock County Bullock County High 62 D
South Highlands Middle 58 F
Union Springs Elem. 61 D
Georgiana 70 C
Greenville Elem. 63 D
Greenville High 62 D
Greenville Middle 62 D
McKenzie High 79 C
Chambers County Bob Harding-Shawmut Elem. 74 C
Fairfax Elementary 70 C
Five Points Elem. 75 C
Huguley Elem. 86 B
John P Powell Middle 58 F
Lafayette Eastside Elem. 66 D
Lafayette High 74 C
Lafayette Lanier Elem. 78 C
Valley High School 75 C
WF Burns Middle 77 C
Chilton County Chilton Co. High 73 C
Clanton Intermediate 81 B
Clanton Middle 73 C
Isabella High 78 C
Jemison Elem. 80 B
Jemison High 72 C
Jemison Middle 71 C
Maplesville High 75 C
Thorsby High 71 C
Verbena High 74 C
Coffee County New Brockton Elem. 85 B
New Brockton High 79 C
Zion Chapel High 84 B
Conecuh County Conecuh Co. Jr. High 69 D
Evergreen Elem. 81 B
Hillcrest High 68 D
Lyeffion Jr. High 76 C
Repton Jr. High 69 D
Thurgood Marshall Middle 70 C
Central Elem. 73 C
Central High 72 C
Central Middle 74 C
Covington County Fleeta 76 C
Florala High 78 C
Pleasant Home 80 B
Red Level Elem. 73 C
Red Level High 77 C
Straughn Elem. 84 B
Straughn High 83 B
Straughn Middle 86 B
WS Harlan Elem. 68 D
Crenshaw County Brantley High 78 C
Highland Home 75 C
Luverne High 79 C
Dale County Ariton 88 B
Dale Co. High 74 C
George W Long High 93 A
GW Long Elem. 88 B
Midland City Elem. 81 B
Newton Elem. 83 B
South Dale Middle 75 C
Daleville City A M Windham Elem 73 C
Daleville High 72 C
Dallas County Brantley Elem. 59 F
Bruce K Craig Elem. 63 D
Dallas Co. High 66 D
JE Terry Elem. 73 C
Keith Middle-High 67 D
Salem Elem. 55 F
Southside High 65 D
Tipton Durant Middle 59 F
Valley Grande Elem. 74 C
William R Martin Middle 70 C
Demopolis City Demopolis High 78 C
Demopolis Middle 74 C
US Jones Elem. 77 C
Dothan City Beverlye Magnet 89 B
Carver Magnet 99 A
Cloverdale Elem. 69 D
Dothan High 70 C
Faine Elem. 66 D
Girard Elem. 71 C
Girard Middle 60 D
Grandview Elem. 61 D
Heard Magnet 98 A
Hidden Lake Elem. 87 B
Highlands Elem. 83 B
Honeysuckle Middle 51 F
Kelly Springs Elem. 74 C
Montana Street Magnet 100 A
Morris Slingluff Elem. 73 C
Northview High 68 D
Selma Street Elem. 71 C
Elba City Elba Elem. 73 C
Elba High 80 B
Elmore County Airport Road Intermediate 76 C
Eclectic Elem. 86 B
Eclectic Middle 82 B
Elmore Co. High 79 C
Holtville Elem. 84 B
Holtville High 70 C
Holtville Middle 83 B
Millbrook Middle 74 C
Redland Elem. 90 A
Stanhope Elmore High 79 C
Wetumpka Elem. 76 C
Wetumpka High 81 B
Wetumpka Middle 75 C
Enterprise City Coppinville 74 C
Dauphin Jr. High 84 B
Enterprise High 86 B
Harrand Creek Elem. 80 B
Hillcrest Elem. 83 B
Holly Hill Elem. 88 B
Pinedale Elem. 80 B
Rucker Boulevard Elem. 80 B
Escambia County Escambia Co. High 66 D
Escambia Co. Middle 69 D
Flomaton Elem. 83 B
Flomaton High 81 B
Huxford Elem. 83 B
Pollard-McCall Jr. High 81 B
W S Neal Elem. 80 B
W S Neal High 76 C
W S Neal Middle 84 B
Eufaula City Eufaula Elem. 62 D
Eufaula High 72 C
Moorer Middle 66 D
Geneva City Geneva High 77 C
Geneva Middle 76 C
Mulkey Elem. 78 C
Geneva County Geneva Co. Elem. 81 B
Geneva Co. High 66 D
Geneva Co. Middle 72 C
Samson Elem. 69 D
Samson High 69 D
Samson Middle 74 C
Slocomb Elem. 78 C
Slocomb High 72 C
Slocomb Middle 74 C
Houston County Ashford Elem. 79 C
Ashford High 74 C
Cottonwood High 84 B
Houston Co. High 74 C
Rehobeth Elem. 91 A
Rehobeth High 83 B
Rehobeth Middle 78 C
Webb Elem. 83 B
Wicksburg High 90 A
Lee County Beauregard Elem. 89 B
Beauregard High 67 D
Beulah Elem. 84 B
Beulah High 73 C
East Smiths Station Elem. 83 B
Loachapoka Elem. 66 D
Loachapoka High 69 D
Sanford Middle 77 C
Smiths Station High 76 C
Smiths Station Jr. High 76 C
South Smiths Station Elem. 90 A
Wacoochee Elem. 78 C
West Smiths Station Elem. 78 C
Lowndes County Calhoun High 69 D
Central Elem. 69 D
Central High 69 D
Fort Deposit Elem. 63 D
Hayneville Middle 56 F
Jackson-Steele Elem. 64 D
Lowndes Co. Middle 69 D
Macon County Booker T Washington High 65 D
DC Wolfe 67 D
George Washington Carver Elem. 37 F
Notasulga High 68 D
Tuskegee Institute Middle 59 F
Tuskegee Public Elem. 60 D
Montgomery County Baldwin Art And Academics Magnet 97 A
Bear Exploration Center 95 A
Bellingrath Middle 57 F
Blount Elem. 83 B
Booker T Washington Magnet High 90 A
Brewbaker Intermediate 64 D
Brewbaker Middle 62 D
Brewbaker Technology Magnet High 92 A
Capitol Heights Middle 50 F
Carr Middle 71 C
Carver Elem. 71 C
Carver Senior High 61 D
Catoma Elem. 68 D
Chisholm Elem. 61 D
Crump Elem. 70 C
Dalraida Elem. 75 C
Dannelly Elem. 63 D
Davis Elem. 53 F
Dozier Elem. 56 F
Dunbar-Ramer 56 F
Fews Secondary Acceleration Academy 48 F
Fitzpatrick Elem. 61 D
Flowers Elem. 77 C
Floyd Elem. 56 F
Floyd Middle 93 A
Forest Avenue Elem. 100 A
Garrett Elem. 66 D
Georgia Washington Middle 58 F
Goodwyn Middle 56 F
Halcyon Elem. 68 D
Highland Avenue Elem. 55 F
Highland Gardens Elem. 54 F
Jefferson Davis High 60 D
Johnson Elem. 54 F
King Elem. 58 F
Lanier Senior High 57 F
Lee High 55 F
Loveless Academic Magnet Program High 100 A
MacMillan International at McKee 88 B
McKee Middle 60 D
Morningview Elem. 62 D
Morris Elem. 63 D
Nixon Elem. 51 F
Park Crossing High 65 D
Pintlala Elem. 76 C
Southlawn Elem. 62 D
Southlawn Middle 50 F
Vaughn Road Elem. 66 D
Wares Ferry Elem. 73 C
Wilson Elem. 82 B
Opelika City Morris Avenue Intermediate 71 C
Northside 80 B
Opelika High 81 B
Opelika Middle 70 C
West Forest Intermediate 62 D
Opp City Opp Elem. 87 B
Opp High 72 C
Opp Middle 78 C
Ozark City Carroll High 79 C
D A Smith Middle 73 C
Harry N Mixon Intermediate 71 C
Perry County Francis Marion 61 D
Robert C Hatch High 70 C
Phenix City Central High 74 C
Lakewood Elem. 92 A
Meadowlane Elem. 69 D
Phenix City Elem. 70 C
Phenix City Intermediate 76 C
Ridgecrest Elem. 74 C
Sherwood Elem. 78 C
South Girard 81 B
Westview Elem. 71 C
Pike County Banks 91 A
Goshen Elem. 91 A
Goshen High 76 C
Pike Co. Elem. 84 B
Pike Co. High 82 B
Pike Road City Pike Road Elem. 78 C
Russell County Dixie Elem. 69 D
Ladonia Elem. 79 C
Mount Olive Intermediate 75 C
Oliver Elem. 86 B
Russell Co. High 70 C
Russell Co. Middle 64 D
Selma City Cedar Park Elem. 57 F
Clark Elem. 64 D
Edgewood Elem. 67 D
Knox Elem. 66 D
Meadowview Elem. 76 C
Payne Elem. 67 D
R.B.Hudson Middle 54 F
School Of Discovery Genesis Center 61 D
Selma High 64 D
Sophia P Kingston Elem. 56 F
Tallapoosa County Dadeville Elem. 70 C
Dadeville High 73 C
Horseshoe Bend High 75 C
Reeltown High 78 C
Tallassee City Southside Middle 65 D
Tallassee Elem. 80 B
Tallassee High 77 C
Troy City Charles Henderson High 73 C
Charles Henderson Middle 70 C
Troy Elem. 79 C
Wilcox County ABC Elementary 54 F
Camden School of Arts & Tech 52
FS Ervin Elem. School 57 F
JE Hobbs Elem. School  57 F
Wilcox Central High School 70 D

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