Some roads remain closed after weekend flooding in Dale County

Some roads remain closed after weekend flooding in Dale County

DALE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Dale County is dealing with some road closures following Sunday's rainstorm. County Road 17, closer to the Coffee County line, is expected to be closed for the next few weeks.

One lane of County Road 560 in Midland City is still closed, but is expected to open in the next few days, according to the Dale Emergency Management Agency Director.

That road is a known problem spot for the city.

"It's an older low bridge. When you have that amount of rain up stream it washes sand. It creates an issue and the water can't safely flow under the bridge, so it flows over," said Kurt McDaniel, Dale County EMA Director.

McDaniel says the county got a lot more rain than they anticipated Sunday. The original forecast predicted 2 to 3 inches of rain, but they got 7 to 8 inches. He says the integrity of the bridge is okay, but the rain washed out portions of the bridge's surface and created potholes that need to be filled.

The bridge is the primary way the 45 to 50 people living on the other side have access to the main highway. The only other exit would force them to cut across private property. People who live in the area say when the bridge floods they're on an island.

"We always have food in stock for that kind of thing," said resident Karen Hills.

Hills says the food is stocked in case they get trapped, but the reoccurring flooding problem is getting old.

"The ability for us to look after our own has been taken away every time it floods," said Hills.

McDaniel says building a bridge would fix the problem and the county's engineering department is working on that solution.

"I believe once they get the plan in place that bridge will be replaced by a newer, more adequate culvert system that will handle water flow better," said McDaniel.

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