Dog expected to recover from house fire thanks to Auburn University vets

Dog expected to recover from house fire thanks to Auburn University vets

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - On Jan. 3, Brad and Shannon Mullins received a call that their house, located in Alexander City, was on fire. They were at work at the time but their dog, Adler, was inside.

Firemen were able to keep Adler alive and get him to his primary veterinarian, but when they noticed Adler having seizures, they sent him to the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic for 24-hour monitoring.

"His eyes had burns on them essentially, but the rest of his body didn't have any burns. It was just the heat from the fire, and he had a lot of coughing and stuff like that just from the inflammation in his trachea and his lungs," said Emergency and Critical Care Resident at Auburn University Veterinary Clinic Laura Lowe.

After 10 days of close watch, Adler is expected to live a pretty healthy life.

"He did very, very well, slow and steady progress throughout the time he was here. He kind of had a little dip in the middle where he had a seizure and was a little bit quieter for a couple of days and then over the course of the time he was here, initially, he had trouble walking. He had to kind of relearn a lot of things," said Lowe. "And now he's completely able to walk on his own, which is wonderful. When he left, he saw his dad, we were helping him out and he just basically ran up to his dad."

"Most of his issues now are neurological, just motor skills and things like that, but they are slowly getting better," said Adler's owner Brad Mullins.

The Mullins say they are thankful to everyone involved, including doctors from the Auburn University Veterinary Clinic, for helping save their boy.

"That was more important than the house," said Mullins. "The positions can be replaced, but he's like a child to us."

Adler is currently taking anti-seizure medication.

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