Auburn high-tech team making national headlines

Auburn high-tech team making national headlines
Yellow Card Financial (Source: WSFA 12 News)
Yellow Card Financial (Source: WSFA 12 News)

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux have a unique partnership.

"About two years ago Justin taught me what digital currency and Bitcoin are," said Chris Maurice, co-founder of Yellow Card Financial.

Their passion for cryptocurrency exploded from there. Soon these Auburn University students came up with a plan to start their own business. It provides a new way for people to by Bitcoins and other digital currency.

"We really wanted to make it as open as possible so anyone can buy it," said Justin Poiroux, co-founder of Yellow Card Financial. "We came up with the idea of Yellow Card and that's putting gift cards in stores that you can buy with cash."

"We distribute our technology, services and gift cards around the US and 16 countries in Africa and the Middle East," said Maurice. They can walk in and exchange whatever local currency they have for a digital currency which they can use in the international market."

They work in the Tiger Cage Accelerator and Incubator provided by Auburn University. Their hard work is paying off. They recently competed in a regional entrepreneurship contest for college students and took home first place and some cash.

After that, they represented Auburn at the national competition in Dallas and came in second place.

"More important than the money and winning first place, is the contacts we meet and the opportunities that continue to open for us," said Poiroux.

Now, this Auburn hi-tech team is close to getting its product on store shelves.

"Early April we will launch in 5,000 locations in Lagos, Nairobi, Dubai, Doha, Johannesburg, and Atlanta," said Maurice.

Like most companies, they hope to make some money along the way, but they also have a bigger goal in mind.

"It's not necessarily about the price to us, it's about technology," said Poiroux. "Bitcoin and digital currency allow a whole new realm of financial possibilities to people who've never had access to it before."

Big business ideas from a two-man team in Auburn. And they're just getting started. They plan to move the company to Atlanta over the summer and have been invited to share their company's vision at a conference later this year in Boston.

You can read more about Yellow Card Financial by checking out their website and Facebook page:

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