Kidnapped south AL man found bloodied in Birmingham area

Kidnapped south AL man found bloodied in Birmingham area
Irondale police are investigating the apparent kidnapping.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - New details are being released in connection with an apparent south Alabama abduction that ended with the victim bloodied and asking for help at a Birmingham area gas station.

According to Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas, the victim, 55-year-old Geneva County resident Joseph Craig Chancellor, knew the suspect, Timothy Garland Latty, 42, of Odenville.

Latty had been staying in Geneva County. Around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, Chancellor told Latty the county line was as far as he wanted to travel. That's when Latty allegedly beat him, then drove north with a knife held to the victim.

The two reached Irondale, located outside of Birmingham, where WBRC Fox 6 reports a disoriented and bloodied Chancellor went to a Chevron station and reported he'd been kidnapped.

The Irondale Police Department has since handed over the investigation to the Pike County Sheriff's Office due to the crime happening in that jurisdiction, but added it will assist any way that it can.

Pike County investigators are in contact with the victim. Meanwhile, Latty, who has outstanding warrants, is currently being sought.

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