DA: Robber's 'reign of terror' ends with 150-year prison sentence

DA: Robber's 'reign of terror' ends with 150-year prison sentence
Shaquille Upshaw has been sentenced to 150 years in prison after being convicted on three robbery charges.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A man convicted in early February for three separate robberies has been sentenced to more than a century behind bars, according to Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey.

Shaquille Upshaw, 22, of Montgomery, was sentenced Thursday in Circuit Judge Roman Shaul's courtroom to 150 years in prison.

Upshaw, who has an extensive criminal history, had previously served three years of a split sentence starting in a 2012 conviction for a violent first-degree robbery.

According to Bailey, Upshaw was out of jail on probation by October 2015 despite having multiple disciplinary actions while behind bars including assault on a corrections officer, possession of a weapon and drugs, fighting with inmates, and multiple disorderly conduct violations.

Bailey says in 2017 Upshaw committed three more robberies within an hour. The first involved a woman in the parking lot of the Walmart on the Eastern Boulevard. In that incident, Upshaw allegedly attacked the victim while she was loading groceries into her car. He stole her purse.

Twenty minutes later, the DA's office says Upshaw approached another female victim at Super Foods on McGhee Road, broke a bottle, then threatened her. He attacked her while trying to steal her purse.

Within five minutes of that crime, he approached a third woman who was leaving the Walgreens on Carter Hill Road. He attacked her, dragged her across the parking lot, then stole her purse and fired a gun at her.

"Hopefully Upshaw's reign of terror on our citizens is over and he will die in prison," said Bailey. "Montgomery is a safer place without him."

Upshaw was given 50 years for each robbery conviction. Judge Shaul made the sentences consecutive to the remainder of the 2012 sentence.

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