TODAY's Hoda Kotb discusses new book 'I've Loved You Since Forever'

TODAY's Hoda Kotb discusses new book 'I've Loved You Since Forever'
Hoda Kotb talked about her new book during Alabama Live

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - NBC TODAY show anchor Hoda Kotb spoke candidly during Alabama Live about her new passion project; a children's book inspired by her daughter.

Kotb says the book is geared for young children and was inspired by 9-month-old Haley Joy.

"The title of the book is "I've Loved You Since Forever" because I feel like I have loved her before I could touch her," Kotb said. "I loved her in my heart for a long, long time and now she is real,"

When Judd asked Kotb about Haley Joy, Kotb said she can't even believe she is hers.

"She's like the best thing in the world," Kotb said. "I can't even believe I get to have her, I can't believe she exists, I can't believe I get to wake up and there she is,"

Kotb also talked to Judd about her reasoning behind the book and what she feels it means.

"I think the book is really about destiny. A couple of pages in the book read, 'before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung in trees, there was you and there was me'," Kotb said. "It's almost like you know something exists before you can have it. I think that is what this book is really about, for any parent,"

Kotb also talked about life and realizing that sometimes if you want something, you just have to try.

"Sometimes we feel like we miss our window in life, you know, you get busy with whatever. I was busy with work and then I had a marriage that did not work and illness and all of a sudden I looked at my life and I was like, 'wait a minute, what happened?'" Kotb said. "Like maybe I missed that chance and then all of a sudden I realized that sometimes, if you really want something and you try, sometimes the universe cooperates,"

Kotb also said she had an idea that it would be neat if someone could sing the book. She said she reached out to award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson and Clarkson agreed to sing the song.

Kotb's book is available on store shelves beginning Tuesday and Clarkson's song version of the book will be released Thursday.

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