Auburn team works to recreate 3-D images of Bloody Sunday

Auburn team works to recreate 3-D images of Bloody Sunday

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - A team within Auburn University's College of Architecture, Design and Construction has been working hard to create something cool to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

"Although its place in civil rights history is secure, the site of this fateful confrontation is endangered by age and neglect," said assistant professor of architecture and project lead, Danielle Wilkins.

The group is is wanting to create a 3-D model that will show and detail the events that transpired March 7, 1965 at Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

The hope is for generations to be able to experience the events that transpired where 600 people that gathered for a peaceful civil rights demonstration were met with violence from Alabama State Troopers, leaving 17 marchers hospitalized and over 50 more injured.

"Our goal was to create a technologically sophisticated, painstakingly accurate re-creation of the space as it appeared on March 7, 1965, thus preserving in digital form a record that otherwise will be lost to time," Willkens said.

According to the university, the 3-D model will allow visitors to experience Bloody Sunday from different perspectives, including those of marchers, the troopers and the onlookers.

Several other experiences like an interactive version of the Good Samaritan Hospital log, narratives and oral histories of the event, and a photo collection of historic structures used to be up, but are now gone, will be available as well.

The 53rd anniversary of Bloody Sunday is Wednesday.

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