Letter to all MPS employees cautions of possible layoffs

Letter to all MPS employees cautions of possible layoffs
The CFO of the Montgomery Public Schools intervention warned employees Friday of potential layoffs.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The chief financial officer of the Montgomery Public Schools intervention issued an advisory to each of the school system's employees Friday ahead of their spring break.

The letter, written by Dr. Reginald Eggleston, addressed the system's financial struggles and explained that "MPS cannot achieve greatness without the dedication of its teachers and employees".

But Eggleston reiterated that without the multi-million dollar sale of Georgia Washington Middle School to nearby Pike Road, cuts would have to be made at MPS, and more than 200 employees would most likely lose their jobs.

Here's Eggleston's letter to MPS employees:

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As you prepare to enjoy a well-deserved Spring Break, I would like to settle any concerns you may have about the stability of the school district.  I value you as dedicated educators and want to provide you with accurate information.  Addressing the system's financial issues has been key to our efforts to improve the district's academic performance. We realize that MPS cannot achieve greatness without the dedication of its teachers and employees, and we regret the stress this may have caused on you and your families.

Our team has worked to develop ways to minimize the loss of teachers and support staff.  One such proposal is the sale of the *Georgia Washington* school (GW).  The sale would result in over $9.7 million to MPS. These funds would stabilize the general fund and give MPS the ability to invest in additional instructional resources. It would also allow us to avoid immediate layoffs. The GW sale is being challenged in court, and no one knows when that case will be resolved. Without the sale, we anticipate the possibility of the loss of 200 or more employees as early as May of this year.

We respect each of you as professionals, as caregivers to our children, and as stakeholders in the future of MPS.  We share this information to empower you with the facts as we know them today. We will continue to update you as events unfold.

Please be assured that we share your commitment to the students of MPS and appreciate your patience. We will keep your interests in mind as we work towards the goal of improving the system.

Very respectfully and sincerely,

Dr. Reginald Eggleston
Chief Administrative Officer
Montgomery Public Schools

The lawsuit referenced by Eggleston was brought on by the Alabama Education Association, which is challenging Interim State School Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson's authorities to close four schools and sell Georgia Washington. A hearing on the suit has been pushed back to late March.

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