Giant crested porcupines newest addition to Montgomery Zoo

Giant crested porcupines newest addition to Montgomery Zoo
The Montgomery Zoo and Mann Wildlife Museum will offer Sensory Bags and quiet zones for guests with Sensory Processing Disorders.

The Montgomery Zoo is hosting its annual Zoo Weekend this weekend and there will be a new attraction featuring some spiky-quilled friends. The zoo is welcoming two giant crested porcupines that will be on exhibit.

Lola and Luke are their names, and they'll be on exhibit near the jaguars in the South American Realm. Lola is four years old and Luke, three.

Porcupines are found on every continent except Antarctica and contrary to popular belief, they can't shoot their quills at their prey. Porcupines can have over 30,000 quills and can grow one back if one is lost. They shake the quills as a warning against predators or they will charge backwards at the predator.

Porcupines are mostly herbivores, eating mostly vegetation, but they've also been known to eat nuts, seeds, fruit and sometimes lizards and bugs. They've also been known to chew on bones to sharpen their teeth and get important minerals like salt and calcium.

During Zoo Weekend, the zoo is open  from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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