FIRST ALERT: Storms staying north

FIRST ALERT: Storms staying north

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Violent thunderstorms are pummeling north Alabama with very large hail and tornadoes weather will continue there for the next several hours.

Thankfully, to this point, our area has been fortunate. And, radar and short range model trends are encouraging, too! The latest runs of our high resolution model output are trending farther northward with the line of storms. We've said all along this was an all or nothing forecast, and evidence is growing that for at least MOST of our area, this will be a whole lot of nothing.


I've adjusted our forecast maps to reflect our latest thinking.

We'll maintain a risk over our northeastern counties - Coosa, Tallapoosa, Chambers. South of there, the risk isn't zero - but it's low and getting lower with each passing hour.

Stay weather aware - this isn't an all-clear. But, it IS an encouraging trend...

Make sure you know where to go when severe weather strikes. Have a plan, know your plan and go over your plan. Remember in the event of a tornado, go to the lowest floor of your home, the innermost room away from winds. Have a helmet, pillow or anything else that would protect your head. If you live in a mobile home making plans to wait out the storms in a storm shelter or a site built structure. Continue to stay updated as we continue to provide updates and tweaks to the forecast.

Ensure you have other methods of obtaining important weather information:

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