Tuskegee University coach arrested on drug distribution, gun charges

Tuskegee University coach arrested on drug distribution, gun charges
Nickerson is no longer listed under the coaching staff for the university, according to its website.

TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - Federal agents arrested a Tuskegee University assistant football coach Wednesday on drug distribution and gun charges.

Ramone Nickerson, 33, is charged with possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession with the intent to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking offense.

He's accused of selling cocaine and marijuana in the Tuskegee area.

A federal grand jury indicted him after he was found with about 3 ounces of cocaine, a pound of marijuana and a .40 caliber handgun on March 13 in Russell County, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

U.S. Attorney Louis Franklin said Nickerson's alleged actions were a concern due to his work with Tuskegee University's football team.

"It was a concern because of where he worked, he posed a danger to all the people around him," Franklin stated. "We don't know who his clientele is, we don't know where he got his dope from, we don't know when and at what point a transaction or dope deal would go down."

Nickerson is charged with possession with the intent to distribute narcotics due to the amount of drugs involved in this case.

Franklin said evidence will show Nickerson was involved in drug activity at the distribution level.

"We have a young man that made a choice to possess these narcotics for the purpose of distributing them to other people and decided he needed a gun to aid him in that effort," Franklin said.

A conviction on the firearm charge carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years to life in prison, which would run consecutively to any other charges.

Tuskegee University officials released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"The university has learned of Mr. Nickerson's recent arrest, and because of the active investigation related to these charges, we cannot comment on his legal situation or employment standing at this time."

Tuskegee University's athletic website stated Nickerson was a four-year starter at defense back at Tuskegee, graduating from the university in 2009. He is listed as an assistant football coach for cornerbacks.

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