Does current law allow arming teachers?

Does current law allow arming teachers?
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Arming teachers has been a discussion in the Alabama legislature ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It's now unlikely the proposal will pass, but lawmakers say that may not matter.

Lawmakers are looking at a section of an existing law that may already allow it. The law says, "A local board of education may allow any person employed by the board as school security personnel or as a school resource officer to carry a firearm while on duty."

The question for lawmakers is does the person have to be originally employed as "school security personnel"? Or can the school board deem any of its employees, even teachers, "school security personnel."

"We're going deeper into that law, and we're going to get some AG's opinions on the law, and we're going to look at that and see is that an option that we need to make available to our school districts. We want to have a discussion with our school safety administrators across the state-- we want to talk to them about that," House Speaker Mac McCutcheon said.

The law does require anyone who is armed on campus to be trained in the use of firearms.