Alabama Power offers energy saving tips for warm spring weather

Alabama Power offers energy saving tips for warm spring weather

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - With the arrival of spring, Alabama Power is offering some tips to improve energy efficiency at home.

As temperatures begin to rise, here are their seven steps to energy savings:

  1. Service your air conditioner; Alabama Power says a well-tuned cooling system operates more efficiently, saves money, and lasts longer.
  2. Stop air leaks; Caulk or weather-stripping can seal cracks and openings around windows and doors, keeping cool air in when the weather turns hot.
  3. Open windows; Alabama Power says letting fresh air in when the weather is pleasant will naturally cool the home.
  4. Use window treatments on hot days; Keeping blinds and shades closed on the sunny side of the house will help keep the heat out.
  5. Turn on ceiling fans; Running ceiling fans in the down direction will keep the air circulating while using less electricity (Alabama Power advises you turn fans off when rooms aren't occupied).
  6. Set the thermostat; Alabama Power says to set a programmable thermostat to a higher setting when you're not home, and set it to 78 degrees when you are. Alabama Power also says pushing the thermostat up and down runs the cooling system longer, costing more.
  7. Cook outdoors; Warm spring days would be perfect for outdoor grilling, keeping the oven off and the home cool. You can also minimize oven usage by using a toaster oven for snacks and meals.

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