Child Protect reports substantial spike in cases following spring break

Child Protect reports substantial spike in cases following spring break

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's been a difficult week at Child Protect, a children's advocacy center in Montgomery, as they've likely seen a record number of cases following spring break.

Jannah Bailey, the Executive Director of Child Protect says they generally see a spike in cases following spring break, this year the number has been staggering. This week they've served nearly 20 additional child victims compared to years past.

"All of the children have been school age with a combination of severe physical abuse of someone who lived in the home and severe sexual abuse by someone that lived in the home," Bailey explained.

In some of the cases, they've seen multiple victims with the same offender.

"It may be that the child discloses when the offender isn't at home, that's what we call imminent danger when they live in the home with the child," stated Bailey. "Those cases seem to be the hardest."

Bailey stresses the importance of calling Child Protect if you suspect something's wrong with a child. She says to always err on the side of caution when it comes to the welfare of children.

"I understand your child has been through something horrific, and you want to say 'it's over – we are moving on,'" Bailey explained. "But we know without intervention 80 percent of the children that go on to be juvenile delinquents have had some sort of abuse in their history and there was never any intervention. The counseling and what we do to help that child – that's what benefits them with their behavior, their grades, and when they get to be teenagers and not getting into negative relationships. Intervention is the only way to start the healing process with these children."

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