No impact yet on AL pork growers in growing trade war

No impact yet on AL pork growers in growing trade war

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On the menu today at the Front Porch in Millbrook, baked pork chops.

"Everything alright back here?" Marty Bean asked customers as he made his round Tuesday afternoon.

Bean isn't losing any sleep over what the potential impact might be on the growing trade war between the United States and China.

'I've seen a large increase in my business since President Trump has been in office," said Bean.

Trump hit China with tariffs on steel and aluminum a few days ago. China has since returned the favor, raising tariffs on three pages worth of American products including pork and fruit.

"They were to be expected," said Mitt Walker, Director of Governmental & Agricultural Programs for ALFA.

ALFA says agriculture is a $70 billion industry in Alabama that employs around a half-million people.

Walker says it's too early to say just what the impact will be on hog producers in Alabama. Most of them are located in the northeastern part of the state, home to 40 producers who produce about 95 percent of the state's hogs.

"Our concern would be if this unfolds, if it doesn't resolve itself fairly quickly, that downward trend on prices will have an impact on growers," said Walker. The rest of the ag industry in Alabama should be okay, he explained.

"Trade is a complex thing, especially global trade," he added.

Walker is optimistic both sides will work something out because, in the end, both counties need each other.

Bean, meantime, conceded he may be forced to raise prices if there is no compromise between Trump and China but understands what the president is trying to accomplish and the reasons behind it all.

"At some point in time, we had to get on an even playing field," Bean stated.

For now, at least, there is an ocean of difference between America and China over trade. The hope for all involved is they settle their differences soon.

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