Hefty pay raises possible for AL corrections officers

Hefty pay raises possible for AL corrections officers

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A federal court plans to force Alabama's state prison system to address its understaffing issues and one part of the current plan looks like it will include a large raise for corrections officers.

The court order says the "Alabama Department of Corrections is to implement the recommendations of consultants Condrey and the firm Warren Averett, as modified by any agreements between the parties or orders of this court."

The consultant, Dr. Stephen Condrey, has recommended raises almost across the board for the Alabama Department of Corrections, including raising the pay for a corrections officer to $38,000 from its current level that's just under $30,000.

Alabama's prison system is among the most understaffed and overcrowded in the country.

This plan is all about trying to improve staffing levels. No matter where people stand on the prison issues, increasing the staffing in the system is a top priority.

The consultant recommended the raises and bonuses, whatever they can to be more competitive in the system to try to address the staffing problems.

The timeline for all this to happens Dec. 1, 2018, but the process is not as simple as giving everyone raises.

The ADOC says it has not reached an agreement with the consultant concerning his recommendations, which seems to indicate the numbers are negotiable.

However, the Southern Poverty Law Center disagrees with that assessment, saying the judge's order says the ADOC must implement the recommendations not negotiate with them.

Whatever happens, it will need to be done by the judge's mandated Dec. 1 deadline.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The eighth paragraph of this report has been updated to clarify the ADOC has NOT reached an agreement.



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