Editorial: Asylum does not guarantee entry into the US

Editorial: Asylum does not guarantee entry into the US

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - We have all heard about the migrant caravan of people which started in Guatemala, traversed through South America ending up in Tijuana, Mexico seeking asylum in the United States.

I truly do feel for these people who are only looking for a better way of life. Where else would one go looking for prosperity but America?  However, coming to this country under the guise of seeking asylum is wrong.

These people understand our laws and know that if one chooses to seek asylum to enter the United States, our immigration officials have the legal obligation to let them in to process.

They also know that the process of vetting those seeking asylum could take as little as three months or as long as five years. During that time, they are under the care of the United States government. One can't help but be sympathetic, but we have laws in this country and rules on what one needs to do to get into our country legally. These laws must be upheld and as this potential crisis grows intensified.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, an estimated 20,000 migrants come to this country each year seeking asylum. What those from South of the border seeking to enter the US through asylum don't know is that only an average of 120 persons from that region each year are ever granted asylum.

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