Charles Henderson HS Concert Choir takes over the Big Apple

CR 12: Charles Henderson HS Choir takes over Big Apple

TROY, AL (WSFA) - From Troy to the Big Apple, it's about as different as you could get. While the two cities may not much in common, some Pike County students proved a stage is a stage no matter where it's located.

"I've been doing music forever, church choirs and stuff," said Calvin Scott, the choral music director at Charles Henderson High School. "It's like no other sound I've heard for a beginning group,"

The program is only in its second year, but these kids are already hitting all the right notes. So how good are they? They just returned from a big competition in New York City. Before they took the stage, they got to take in the city.

"I remember coming around the Jersey Turnpike and seeing the skyline of New York City," said Scott. "It got real quiet, to say the least,"

"Wow," said student Reagan Gross. "Just big buildings everywhere, we're not used to that here,"

"Just humongous," said student Tamiya Green. "The buildings were so tall and that was just from the view in the bus. Imagine just standing on the ground looking up. Wow!"

Once they got the big city shock out of their system, they did what they came to New York City to do, compete and represent Charles Henderson High School.

"I was trying to calm myself down but I was nervous," said Green.

"We were actually first," said student Seth Manning. "So that was even worse. We didn't get to see any of the other competition and just kind of had to set the bar."

That bar must have been pretty high. They were competing against teams from several states. They had to sing three songs in front of the judges. When the results came in, they won the whole competition.

"I just think of success when I think about the Charles Henderson High School Choir," said Scott.

Sounds about right! The concert choir is already thinking about another big trip next year, maybe a different location since they already conquered the Big Apple.

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