Montgomery food bank damaged during break-in attempt

Montgomery food bank damaged during break-in attempt
The burglary caused significant damage

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Area Food Bank employees awoke to a shock Tuesday morning after learning someone tried to break into their building.

According to MAFB CEO Richard Deem, early Tuesday morning they received a call from the alarm company that the building alarm was going off. Deem says they arrived to find that someone had attempted to burglarize the food bank but cutting two holes in the roof.

"Number one, we don't understand how someone would want to come into a food bank…to do any type of robbery," Deem said.

Deem says the food bank doesn't keep money inside the building so he doesn't understand why someone would break in.

"We don't keep money here, we want to make that clear. We have no cash here, we only have food. If this individual or individuals, if they needed food they didn't have to go through all of that problem of cutting through the roof, they could have just come here and we would have been glad to help them out," Deem added

Deem said the burglary left significant damage to the facility and caused a minor inconvenience in day-to-day activities. Despite this, Deem told employees if nothing else they would continue to distribute food.

"We don't allow things like this to distract us from that mission of getting food to hungry folks," Deem added.

The Montgomery Police Department is investigating the burglary and working to identify the suspect or suspects responsible.

Deem says he is glad the systems and the security devices in place around the facility were able to stop a crime from happening.

"We want to keep this type of criminal out of here," Deem said. "It's not just violating the Montgomery Area Food Bank…but it's a violation to the entire community and the River Region,"

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