Candidate Profile - Gov. Kay Ivey

Candidate Profile - Gov. Kay Ivey
AL Gov. Kay Ivey says import tariffs could hurt Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This is one part in our series on the candidates in Alabama's upcoming June 5 gubernatorial primary elections.

Kay Ivey has been Alabama's governor for a little longer than a year. Now, she's hoping voters will elect her to a full term.

Ivey was Lt. Governor when she was thrust into the top job in April 2017 following then-Gov. Robert Bentley's resignation amid scandal.

For the governor,  she is running on her record of "steadying the ship of state", strong job growth, and conservative values.


Ivey is standing by her record. Ever since taking office, Ivey has seen job growth and historic low unemployment rates throughout the state.

"The unemployment rate has fallen every month we have been in office," Ivey said during her State of the State Address back in January. Since then Alabama has seen even more job growth.

"My record speaks for itself and says Alabama is working again," the governor touts.

Ivey has also touted her leadership as new companies have come into the state over the last year.


Before Ivey got into politics, she was an educator. She says she wants to continue her "Strong Start, Strong Finish" program that would see every student reading at grade level by the third grade.

The program would also include computer science classes in every middle school by 2022 and offer programs to better prepare students to enter a skilled workforce.


Ivey says the state is on the right path when it comes to Medicaid and believes reforms instituted by the state's Medicaid agency have helped reduce the increase over the last several years.

"It's refreshing to know some cost-saving measures that the commissioner and the department are helping, so that's a good thing," Ivey says. "So we are on the right path."


"They can run their campaign, I'll run mine," Ivey has said of her GOP competitors. "My record speaks for itself and says Alabama is working again."

"I'm the strongest pro-gun, pro-life conservative in this race," she continues.

As Ivey will tell you, she had about three hours to prepare before taking over the governorship, coming into office at the height of a controversy that forced out her predecessor and inheriting a state prison system under federal court order.

"Well the prison situation is a dire situation that's got to be addressed," Ivey admits. "Already since I've been in office, we have signed a new contract to provide health care and mental health care. And through the legislative process, they have appropriated funds that will allow us to hire more corrections officers and retain them. So we are making progress."

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