Photo shows TN fireman comforting baby girl after crash

Photo shows TN fireman comforting baby girl after crash

Chattanooga, TN (WSFA) - A picture of Chattanooga Fire Department Capt. Chris Blazek comforting a 4-month-old girl at the scene of a traffic incident has gone viral since Monday.

A post on the Chattanooga Fire Department Facebook page quotes Blazek's story leading up to the photo. After arriving to the scene of a wreck, he found a pregnant mother and her three children ages 4 months to 7 years in the back seat of the car.

"Both big girls were fine, but the baby was screaming hysterically," Blazek said. "I took her out of her car seat and did a quick physical exam to make sure she was okay. She immediately laid her head on my shoulder."

After making sure his fellow firemen had the scene under control, he "decided to sit and take a break with (his) new friend."

"She immediately fell asleep in my arms," he said.

The photo has since received thousands of likes, shares, and comments praising Blazek and the fire department.

Among those commenting was Whittley Hightower, the pregnant mother and driver, saying, "I really want to thank you for being there for my three girls. It was such a scary moment for all of us. God bless you."

"Mrs. Hightower, it was an honor and privilege," Blazek responded. "Glad to know you and the girls are doing well."

"It's moments like this, that I am reminded, this is why I do the job," said Blazek.

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