Alabama ranked 26th in state patriotism

Alabama ranked 26th in state patriotism
Alabama was ranked the 26th most patriotic state.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Music, food and fireworks are all ways to show your patriotism on July 4 in Alabama, but is it enough?

A WalletHub study ranked each of the states according to patriotism, and Alabama was ranked 26. Virginia was ranked the most patriotic and Massachusetts ranked the least.

Some Alabamians disagreed with this ranking.

"I say we're number one. Number one in football and number one in patriotism," said Bryan Morgan.

WalletHub studied military engagement and civic engagement to determine a state's patriotism. They used metrics like the average military enlistees and percentage of voting adults. You can click here to learn more about the study's methodology.

On a WSFA Facebook poll, 80 people out of 125 votes said they agreed with that ranking.

Alabamians around the River Region shared what patriotism means to them.

"It's just a celebration of the freedoms that we enjoy that other people don't. That's what it means to me," Herold Grooms said.

"Patriotism to me means a belief in something and the people that are here celebrating they believe in what the Fourth of July is all about," Mary O. Robinson Adair said.

Some Alabamians said patriotism means the freedom to live life.

"We are so blessed to be in this country where we are able to have the freedoms to have a parade, to have the freedoms to go to church, to have the freedoms to have an education," said Summer Rice.

Johnny Julian is a small business owner and said this country gave him the ability to start his own business.

"Any American, anyone at any time can open their own business. It don't take nothing but a dream, and that's what I had," Tree said.

For veterans, today means being proud to fight for the freedoms we have.

"Being in love with your country. It's the greatest country in the world and that's why I enlisted in the army," Chris Reddix said.

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