Auburn residents upset over billboard construction

Auburn residents upset over billboard construction
Auburn residents upset over billboard construction.

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Auburn residents are speaking out against a billboard being constructed on North Donahue Road right outside of the Donahue Ridge subdivision.

"Among the homeowners in this neighborhood, we're all worried that it will bring down the property value of each house in the neighborhood, and it's not like a really good appearance to the neighborhood having a big billboard instead of a nice entrance," said Donahue Ridge resident Surag Madani.

The developer, Tom Hayley, gave the green light for the billboard just over a month after being denied rezoning for a shopping center.

One resident said she felt likes the billboard was being constructed to get revenge.

"We felt like he responded to being denied the LDD zoning by almost immediately putting up the billboard, but if he would have taken the time, he would have found out that the majority of Donahue Ridge actually supported the LDD zoning. We felt like it was the most protective zoning out there that would help us," said Donahue Ridge resident Paula Davis. "Well, it's just really disappointing because it's a completely inappropriate item to have out by a residential subdivision. We were just really disappointed as soon as we saw it come up, especially because we have a history with the developer, so we were not surprised."

Residents also said that the construction of this billboard has brought about another zoning issue.

"The confusion is that's actually considered county land, not city land. So Auburn really needs to decide how they need to zone their properties, because now we are at a loss about what to do or say, because the billboard is on county land and the plaza is going to be on city land and we just don't know what to do," said Donahue Ridge Resident Robyn Westbrook.

New South Outdoor, the billboard company that was working on the sign, has pulled away from the project.

WSFA 12 News attempted to reach out to Hayley, but he was not available for comment.

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