National recording duo helps battle homeless crisis

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Fighting homelessness by singing is what one group has come to Montgomery to do.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, there are roughly 500,000 homeless people in the United States.

Immeasurable is a national recording duo whose focus is on the less fortunate. They travel nationwide to work with churches and other religious organizations to bring awareness to the homelessness crisis in the United States.

On Saturday, they were at Bethel Baptist Church in Montgomery talking about their personal struggle with being homeless.

"For an extensive amount of time, we were homeless ourselves. You know and through our homelessness state there were so many people that rejected us because of how we looked, you know you're talking about wearing a ponytail and wearing a Mohawk, people looked at us funny and so we had to pretty much keep on going with what we knew what God had given us which was our faith and our gift to sing," Ronnie Brooks, one of the singers in the group Immeasurable, said.

It all began after they turned down a $1 million record deal.

"In the midst of us being offered a $1 million record deal, God just began to touch our hearts and just say, 'Hey, Immeasurable, you guys, this is not the plan that I have for your life. I want you guys to go full force in ministry,'" Aiyanna Foster, the other group member, said.

That decision to turn down the record deal left them homeless. So, for three and a half years, they were living in a hotel room trying to make ends meet.

"So many times, people have to turn things down, sometimes you have to feel like you're losing really in order in the end to win and that's why we're winning now because we're helping other people win and not because we're giving them a hand out because we're giving them a hand up and helping them become what they need to be in society," Brooks said.

Now that they're back on their feet, they're helping those who are homeless, just like they were.

"We travel to different shelters and we find out what the need is; sometimes its beds, sometimes its blankets, and we help facilitate the needs by partnering with other non-profit organizations and foundations to be able to facilitate the need," Brooks said.

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