How much could you save during the tax-free weekend?

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The third weekend in July brings Alabama's 13th Annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday to shoppers across the state, and with it, potentially huge savings.

From Friday to Sunday, shoppers can enjoy a break from the four-percent state sales tax, and many cities and counties follow suit, waiving their local sales taxes. In Montgomery, this adds up to 10 percent.

The Alabama Department of Revenue provides a list of counties and cities waiving sales taxes and the TaxJar tax sales tax calculator provides a detailed look at the sales taxes that affect each area.

A third-grade teacher at T.S. Morris Elementary in Montgomery sent the parents of his students a basic school supply list, asking them to buy items like pencils, paper, notebooks and glue sticks for their children to have at school.

Based on, if a parent shopped at Walmart and bought only uniforms and the eligible items on Williams' list, they could save over $20 in waived taxes. These items would normally cost $228.90, but without taxes cost only $208.09.

Other researchers estimate higher spending, however.

The National Retail Federation survey in 2018 estimated nationally parents would spend almost $700 on back to school shopping.

An NBC article cited even higher budgets, saying that a middle schooler's parent could expect a bill totaling about $1,000 while a high schooler's parent could spend up to $1,500.

If all of this shopping were done without taxes in Montgomery, parents could see savings up to $150.

For more information, including tips on how to make sure your child has a successful school year, visit the link above.

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