People continue to show support for T-100 project

TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - There continues to be lots of excitement surrounding the possibility of Tuskegee landing the T-100 project.

A decision from the United State Airforce on who has won the bid is expected by August according to City and county leaders. This has anticipation building.

"It's like a kid waiting for Christmas," said Loretta Alexander, owner of Loretta's University University Cleaners.

Loretta Alexander has owned Lorettas University Cleaners in Tuskegee for more than 30 years.

"I love getting to know my customers and their families so they don't feel like a customer they feel like a friend," said Alexander.

Over the last several months Alexander and her staff have been proactive about getting the word out about the T-100 project.

"We wear the button that says T-100 and we wear the T-100 T-shirt. It sparks conversation when people come in. We have become very proactive in letting people know we are all in this together," said Alexander.

Others across Macon County and around the state have also been putting their support behind the project.

"This has been one of the most bipartisan and most cooperative spirits I've seen," said Joe Turnham, Macon County Economic Development Director.

Joe Turnham says he anticipates the competition will be cloaked until the Airforce is ready to go.

"We anticipate the Secretary of the Airforce being the final decision maker. She will probably inform the CEO of Leonardo DRS perhaps a day or so ahead of the formal announcement," said Turnham.

As city and county leaders wait to hear if Leonardo DRS has won the bid, to build the next generation trainer at Moton Field, work continues behind the scenes.

"We continue to work with the company on the plans for the airport. We are working with the FAA on the runway extension. We are behaving like we have won. We almost have to because when we win life changes immediately," said Turnham.

Boeing and Lockheed Martin have also placed bids in this competition.

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