AL mother searching for necklace containing daughter's ashes

Updated: Jul. 23, 2018 at 5:17 AM CDT
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PIKE ROAD, AL (WSFA) - A Pike Road mother is pleading for help to get the necklace that holds her daughter's ashes returned. She says it was stolen when someone broke into her home.

"I just see these drawers right here under the TV, and things are taken out and they're just scattered everywhere," Molly Little described the scene when she came home about three weeks ago. "I looked up from here and I could see the window in my bedroom, and I could see the blinds were broken. That's when my heart started racing."

All of her jewelry was gone.

"All of my jewelry is really sentimental, none of it had much value," but Molly says one piece, in particular, is priceless. "Autumn's necklace was in there."

Autumn was Molly's daughter. She was a twin, born with a heart condition, and after more than a dozen surgeries and procedures, only lived to be six weeks old. Autumn's sister, Hannah, is now a healthy 5-year-old. To keep Autumn's memory alive, Molly had the special necklace made.

"My mom also has a necklace," Molly described. "And then I have the key, and Hannah has a butterfly nightlight with some of her ashes in it."

Now, Molly is desperate to find the key necklace.

"That's part of my daughter out there somewhere, in the city, and I don't know where she's at," Little said. "They could have tried to take it to a pawn shop, and I bet they're going to tell them it's not worth anything, there's no point. And it breaks my heart because then I think the next thing they'll do is throw it away. But to me, it doesn't have a price tag. It's priceless. It's worth everything."

Molly is not giving up. "I have hope though, I keep hoping every day." And she has a message for anyone who comes across it. "Have a heart. Have some compassion, have some compassion for me and my family and just return it."

Little is hoping her story will be shared enough times that someone will recognize it, and get it back to her.

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