Mother of Selma murder victim speaks out

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - A Selma woman is speaking out. This just after months ago a shooting claimed the life of her 20-year-old daughter.

Markisha King is hoping that by sharing her story it will urge the community to join together to find a solution to put a stop to the violent crimes in the area.

King said she will always remember her daughter, Kenbranesha Rayford, as a bright young lady with a bigger than life personality.

"She was my baby girl. She just always stayed dolled up. She was just an outgoing young lady," said Markisha King.

Memories are now all King has to cling to as she tries to make sense of life without her daughter.

"Almost everyday something on my newsfeed pops on Facebook. When I get to really missing her I play a video and hear her voice. I get sad all over again," said King.

On May 30, King received a call from Kenbranesha while she was driving home with great news. She had just taken the test to join the military, but then the conversation took a tragic turn.

"She just started screaming, 'Oh my God. Oh my God. Momma they are shooting. What am I supposed to do?' That was the last thing she said," said King.

Kenbranesha had been caught in the crossfire of a shootout on Marie Foster Street in broad daylight and was shot in the head. She was not the intended target.

"It just made me think this could have happened to anyone," said Jasmine Green, Kenbranesha's best friend. "I lost a piece of myself."

Last month Marquavious Benjamin, Marquavious Billingsley and Aiesha Franklin were indicted on a charges of felony murder. Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said Benjamin, Billingsley, and Franklin will be arraigned in September and at that time a trial date will be set.

King and Green believe more still must be done to make sure young people don't go down the wrong path.

"I don't plan on just letting my daughter be another person who lost their life to the streets of Selma. Something has to be done. The kids need a resource center or activity center. Instead of leading them to the streets we need something to pull them out of the streets," said King.

"Something more extreme has to be done," said Green.

King's hope is no other family will ever have to go through the pain of losing someone they love far too soon.

Kenbranesha is a 2016 graduate of Selma high school. She had plans of following in her best friend's footsteps by joining the army.

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