Editorial: There should be no debate about debate

Editorial: There should be no debate about a debate

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The big talk right now is centered around a debate between Republican Gov. Kay Ivey and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox.

Maddox has issued invitations to Ivey to join him for a debate. Ivey has suggested that Maddox debate himself on several issues she says he has waffled on. Maddox countered, saying he has not waffled and has been clear on where he stands on key issues.

No one is assured victory at the polling booth. Remember how many pundits called the presidential election incorrectly. No one thought candidate Trump would win.

I have never met Governor Ivey, but I sense she is a determined and driven leader. If I were in her position and was challenged by my opponent, I would be thinking to myself, no one knows better than me what to do in the governor's office, certainly not my opponent. My record is impressive, and a debate gives me the opportunity to tell more people about it.

As the General Manager of this station, I would be happy to provide the venue for the debate or debates and set them up for the candidates.  Just let me know when.

Last week, our news team conducted a Facebook poll on whether there should be a debate between Ivey and Maddox. 56 percent of the nearly one thousand responses felt the two should debate.

I believe we as constituents learn so much more when there is a debate between both candidates.

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