Macon East Academy teacher's career turns 50

Macon East Academy teacher's career turns 50

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - Fifty years as an educator. Most would call that a major milestone, but the first day of school at Macon East Academy this year was just like any other day for fourth grade teacher Marjory Johnson.

"[Fifty years] is a long time, but it just seems yesterday that I got started," Johnson said. "It's not different from the other 49 years; it's just great and I've gotten to do something I love to do for 50 years and I think that's awesome."

So you're probably wondering: what keeps someone at the same job for half a century? For Mrs. Johnson, this school's history is deeply rooted in her family's heritage.

"This is like home," she said. "It's my second home. Someone did something really great for me when they started this school because I am a graduate, and I've felt like all of my teaching career I've wanted to pay that forward and continue what I received. So I just think it's wonderful that I have had this opportunity."

During her years, she has taught over one thousand kids, including a few of her own children! Although a lot of things have changed throughout the decades, many aspects of her job have actually stayed the same.

"I've seen a lot of change, but you know just teaching the basics will always be that way. No matter how many buzzwords come along in education, they have got to know their reading, their math skills, and they have got to have these things to be successful," Johnson said.

The most common question Johnson gets asked involves a word that's not even in her vocabulary.

"They are going to think that it is time for me to retire, and I am not even thinking about it right now!" she said. "I've been in school since I was six, so my whole body goes, 'I'm synchronized!'"

For many more years to come, Johnson hopes to share her wealth of knowledge so she can continue to make a difference in the lives of her students.

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