Editorial: Oh rats!

Editorial: Oh Rats!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If you think we have to deal with some ridiculous things in this country listen to this.

Based on an article in the Wall Street Journal Paris, France has a huge rat problem. Rats are taking over the city with an estimated one rat for every eight humans. The problem has gotten so bad that French officials want to decrease the rat population by ordering the poisoning of rats to lower the numbers. The rats now are seen in Paris supermarkets, nurseries and parks.

There is a group of Parisians who are urging for a more humane solution. They think the rats should not be exterminated, but rather have birth control drugs deployed. I, of course, envision little rats with berets on every street corner in Paris offering free rat condoms and free rat birth control. Before anyone emails me, I am attempting to be humorous here knowing the method would be using sterilization drugs in rat bait.

Rats serve no purpose. They carry diseases and many years ago those diseases ended numerous societies. Kill the rats.

One of the activists took in an injured street rat and nursed it back to health. That same rat, Tina, ruined two cages, escaped, ate a hole in the bathroom wall and ended up dying.

Tina was a bad girl and sadly she has 900,000 relatives doing the same thing.

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