Georgia police use stun gun on 87-year-old Syrian woman

Georgia police use stun gun on 87-year-old grandmother

CHATSWORTH, GA (WTVC/CNN) - Georgia officers arrested an 87-year-old woman and hit her with a stun gun over the weekend.

A Boys and Girls Club employee called 911 after the elderly woman walked over to the property with a knife in her hand.

The woman does not speak English and police said she refused commands to drop the knife.

Her family said she used the knife to pick dandelions around her house.

Martha Douhne said her grandmother was just across the street from her house.

"Obviously my grandma did not look violent," Douhne said. "And I think with the three, four officers that were here, I think they could've controlled her in other ways."

According to the police report, Martha al-Bishara would not put down a steak knife despite the many commands and even a demonstration.

Douhne said the officers used excessive force, but the Chatsworth police chief said their actions are justified.

"At one point in time, I actually removed a knife from my pocket and show her 'knife' and throw it down. (I) threw my knife down on the ground, trying to make her understand what we wanted her to do," said Chief Josh Etheridge.

"Most people, that's kind of a universal command for stop," Etheridge said.

Al-Bishara is awaiting a court hearing next month.

Her family said she had minor injuries from the stun gun.

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