Editorial: Build the wall but...

Editorial: Build the wall but…

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Many do not like the chant "Build the Wall". This chant is in support of a border wall built along the Mexico U.S. borders.

I am a supporter of the wall but might want to change exactly where that wall should be built. I am suggesting building a wall around California.  If there was ever a state full of lawmakers set out to destroy this country, it would be California.

The latest example of an overreaching government centered around a state-wide law in the works that require restaurants to only serve water and milk and certainly not chocolate milk listed in children's menus.

California lawmakers are pushing this law to stop obesity. Passing bills like this is not the purpose of government. These are decisions that must be made by the citizens, not government. These are the same lawmakers who provide sanctuary city status throughout the state and allow felon the right to vote. They also feel people who are not American citizens can vote.

What else will they do. This must stop. Next thing you know to save their trees, they will prevent the use making and using toilet paper.

Build the wall, but please for the sake of this great country, build it around the entire state of California. Let them wallow in what they are creating.

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