Disneyland will sell alcohol at its 'Star Wars' cantina

Disneyland to start selling alcohol

(CNN) – "Star Wars" fans hoping to wet their whistles in a wretched hive of scum and villainy are in luck, courtesy of "The Happiest Place on Earth."

The "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" expansion to Disneyland set to open in 2019 will include an alien-themed bar called "Oga's Cantina," modeled after the Mos Eisley Cantina first seen in the original "Star Wars" film.

Disney has confirmed it will sell alcoholic cocktails at the bar. That will make it the only place at the park where visitors can purchase alcoholic beverages.

Beer, wine and an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks will also be on the menu.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Park in Florida began serving alcohol at one of its restaurants in 2012. Today, every sit-down restaurant there serves it.

Several other parks owned by Disney, like its California Adventure Park and Epcot, also serve alcohol.

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