Flu vaccines are already rolling out ahead of this year's flu season

Flu vaccines are already rolling out ahead of this year's flu season

WSFA/NBC - It's barely pumpkin latte season and already signs are up advertising flu shots and adding to the anticipation of the season, an experimental drug is showing promise in treating the sickest people with flu.

Studies are showing an experimental drug called Baloxavir can help ease flu symptoms within just a few days much like Tamiflu but Baloxavir appears to clear the virus from the body in just one day.

"Because of its antiviral potency, this drug is particularly promising for treating individuals who have a higher risk for influenza complications," Dr. Frederick Hayden at University of Virginia School of Medicine said.

The FDA could approve the drug by the end of this year. Meanwhile, flu vaccines are already rolling out.

"You can get it throughout the year, but it's really best to get it before the end of October," said the CDC's Dan Jernigan.

Also back this year, the nasal spray vaccine called Flu Mist.

"If you have an aversion to shots, and you're between 2 years of age and your 50th birthday and you're otherwise healthy, you would be eligible for that nasal spray vaccine," Dr. William Schaffner at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine said.

Last year's flu season was particularly nasty and the vaccine was only about 40 percent effective. Still, experts say even if you do get sick, the vaccine can cut the chances of flu complications including death.

Last year, 180 children died as a result of the flu.

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