Hard liquor ban at fraternities about to go nationwide

Hard liquor ban at fraternities to go nationwide

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - The North American Interfraternity Conference, or NIC, recently adopted a standard prohibiting hard alcohol from fraternity chapter facilities and events. The ban is slated to go into effect on Sept. 19.

For some universities, it will be a big change. But at Auburn University it's a small extension of a hard alcohol ban that started back in May.

"We came to the conclusion that the common denominator and some tragedies that have plagued other schools across the country has been the over-consumption of liquor," says Auburn University IFC President Gavin McGettigan. "We really felt it necessary to be as proactive as we could be and we think this is a great example. We think that our guys are going to buy into it a little bit easier because it was an idea that we came up with together. So implementing it here maybe face with a little less push back."

IFC officials say that it is important to note that the ban does not apply to all alcohol consumption and is restricted to on campus facilities and events.

"This only affects alcohol with an APV above 15 percent. So if it's 15 percent or less, so beer, wine, malt liquor, all of that is allowed," McGettigan stated.

IFC officials say that security measures are taken to make sure that no hard alcohol is at on campus events.

Any fraternity on Auburn's campus caught with hard liquor will be issued an immediate cease-and-desist.

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