Puppy rushed to vet after exposure to presumed meth at hotel

Puppy rushed to vet after exposure to presumed meth at hotel

DES MOINES, IA (KCCI/CNN) – A 5-month-old dog is recovering from emergency treatment following head bobbing, tremors and agitation from what the veterinarian deemed amphetamine exposure.

Matthew Palmer brought his puppy Kingsley to his very first dog show, but Thursday night, the dog began acting strangely and his owner rushed him to the 24-hour Iowa Veterinary Specialties.

Kingsley was experiencing symptoms "not mentally appropriate for a healthy puppy," according to Dr. Leah Brass. The puppy's head was bobbing, and he had tremors and agitation.

Brass did not examine Kingsley, but she said the veterinarian on call came to one conclusion.

"He was probably exposed to amphetamines. His presenting signs were very typical for amphetamine exposure in dogs," she said.

By Friday afternoon, Kingsley was doing much better and was released from the vet.

Palmer said he retraced his steps and concluded the likely source of his dog's exposure was the hotel where the two were staying with another dog.

When he examined his room at the Days Inn West in Clive, IA, Palmer found a "small, muffin crumb-size of a white powdery substance."

The dog owner called police, who tested the substance which came back with a faint positive for methamphetamine. There was not enough to do more testing.

The presumed drug could be legal or prescription.

Regardless, Palmer said the experience will make him more diligent to make sure wherever he takes his animals, they are safe.

"Unfortunately, I think a sign of the times that you would have to be worried about this," he said.

Because of the incident, Kingsley didn't compete in the dog show. Palmer and the dogs moved to a different hotel.

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