Snowman T-Shirt Controversy

Rapper Young Jeezy's hit debut album, "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101," is soaring up the charts as more and more radio listeners are requesting his music. Music videos help push his signature snowman, the one with the menacing expression.

It's become one of the hottest selling t-shirts in hip-hop clothing. Many stores can't keep them in stock, but as popular as the image is on the streets, they're not a favorite at Montgomery schools. Problem is, Frosty's evil twin represents the rapper's self-professed dual profession.

One students says, "It symbolizes somebody getting killed over drugs or somebody selling drugs."

That's right, the snowman symbolizes dealers, people who sell what's known on the streets as "snow" or cocaine. Several Lee High School students know the deal.

Sierra Pitt says, "I think that, you know, you should be able to express yourself. If that's what you like, that's what you should be able to wear."

The message in the lyrics are clear. In one song, Jeezy rhymes, "I'm iced out, plus I got that snow, man."

Parents WSFA 12 News talked to didn't have a clue. Vivian Edwards and Lee Bush say, "It looks like a mad snowman. He's angry." Students know their parents are clueless. That's how some students are slipping under the radar and wearing the shirt to school.

Administrators are getting hip to the rap game. Lee High Principal, David Sikes, says, "I was a little surprised at exactly what it stood for. That's kind of a bold shirt to have on.

Sikes says he had a few students to wear this shirt to school and he had them either flip it inside out or sent them home to change. He's not the only principal in Montgomery to do this. Administrators urge parents to be aware: if your kids wear the snowman shirt when school starts back up, the dress code will be enforced.

According to , Young Jeezy has scanned over one million CDs since his debut in August.

Reporter: Theo Travers