Alabama Abortion Clinic Under Investigation

Published: May. 21, 2006 at 2:41 AM CDT|Updated: May. 25, 2006 at 3:23 AM CDT
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The investigation centers around RU-486, the so-called abortion pill.
The investigation centers around RU-486, the so-called abortion pill.

Abortion. Just the word invokes strong emotions. Now, an Alabama abortion clinic is accused of breaking the law. The clinic in Birmingham is the focus of an investigation by the state attorney general's office.

The question being asked -- did a non-physician, abort a fetus?

Summit Medical Center's license has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. The state health department is recommending that it be revoked.

It's alleged that a Summit patient was given an abortion inducing pill and an ultra sound by a staff member, not a doctor. Six days later that patient ended up at a Birmingham emergency room where she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

In a 21 page documented investigation, the state discovered that the clinic underestimated the age of the fetus. It also found that at least 4 other patients were given the abortion pill by a non-physician.

One of the clinic's out of town owners, David Lipton, said of the investigation, "the Summit has been a staple in the community for 30 years. We're gong to respond to all allegations."

Birmingham's New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic, the same clinic bombed by Eric Rudolph, is taking over Summit's clients.