Streets of Speed on I-65

Most drivers hate to see it.   Orange barrels, flashing yellow lights, and slower speeds, when you see all that you know you're in a construction zone.

For drivers it means delays, headaches and frustration.  But think about the men and women who are out there working.   That construction site is their office, their place of work.   So when drivers come speeding by just inches away from them it's easy to see why they get so upset.   "When you're up here in the traffic and around the traffic, it's pretty hairy, pretty scary," said David Lyle with Volkert and Associates.   He works with the engineering company widening the Alabama River Bridge on I-65.   "Nobody's doing the posted limit.  Most of the time they're at least 10 miles over the posted limit.  That's dangerous for them, other drivers and us."

The posted limit in this construction zone is 45 miles per hour.   We called out Tony Harris from the Alabama Department of Transportation to help us out.   He used our "Zapper 12" to check the speeds and we found cars going 20-30 miles over the posted limit.    "What you don't realize, it's more dangerous for them, the drivers and passengers because more fatalities happen in the vehicle than in the work zone," Harris said.   "What you don't realize, you have trucks entering the work zone, people working and you can't anticipate everything that will happen in the work zone."   Harris says the best thing drivers can do for everyone involved is to slow down, increase the distance between you and the car in front of you, and watch out for work crews.

The troopers will make sure you're paying attention.  They don't stay parked on the side of the road for long.   "Everybody's in too big of a hurry," said Lyle.   Lyle knows everyone has somewhere to be.  He just wants people to realize he wants to make it home to see his kids and family at the end of the day too.

During the week of June 26th construction crews also have a warning for big rigs and high profile vehicles.   There will be some huge cranes out there widening the bridge and they want big trucks to stay out of the fast lane so they don't collide with any work equipment.