Army Reserve Personnel Command Improves Access to Information for Reserve Personnel

Published: Oct. 13, 2001 at 12:48 AM CDT
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AR-PERSCOM launches new Web portal /subject contents

ST. LOUIS (Army News Service, Oct. 12, 2001) - The Army Reserve Personnel Command  has added a new self-service portal Oct. 12 to its official Web site.

The new portal, 'My2xCitizen', provides Army Reserve soldiers with a snapshot view of their career information and enables them to uniquely customize information to manage their Army Reserve careers. My2xCitizen supports AR-PERSCOM's commitment to develop improved and timely services for Reserve soldiers in the field and to better support Army reservists worldwide, officials said.

Army reservists can also volunteer for current operations such as Enduring Freedom through the new portal. In addition, AR-PERSCOM has designed My2xCitizen to provide Active Army and National Guard soldiers who have served in the Army Reserve an ability to view historical retirement and promotion information.

"Our goal is to continually improve personnel readiness in any way that we can," explained Col. Bruce Pittman. "We're taking the next major step toward AR-PERSCOM Knowledge Management by adding My2xCitizen to AR-PERSCOM's 2xCitizen Web site."

My2xCitizen maintains all of the functionality and links previously available on 2xCitizen, officials said, and adds capabilities that focus on showcasing personalized career information. Key features include:

  • Integrated secure Army Knowledge Online (AKO) login
  • Personal Information, such as contact data and service data
  • Retention and Readiness information, including security clearance, physical, expiration term of service (ETS) and other important dates
  • Electronic military personnel documents
  • Retirement Information, including retirement points and ARPC Form 249-2 E generation
  • Alerts that flag key expiration dates pertaining to the soldier's career
  • Contact information update capability (some Current Organization (CURORG) restrictions apply)
  • Customizable windows and components for personalization

AR-PERSCOM began its quest toward customer self-service with Interactive Voice Response initiatives this past year, according to Anita Washington, portal business team leader.

"The Web portal is the next logical step in this process and represents AR-PERSCOM's commitment to improving customer service," she explained.

"The portal enhances AR-PERSCOM's ability to provide information to a large and geographically dispersed Reserve population. Reserve soldiers will be able to verify their current contact information [especially important during mobilization operations such as Enduring Freedom], update their address, phone, fax and e-mail information, and obtain information on retirement points," Washington added.

To access the portal, Reserve soldiers must obtain a valid Army Knowledge Online login and password. Soldiers can then log into the portal directly from the 2xCitizen Web-site home page .   To register for an AKO account, soldiers should go here.

My2xcitizen is the most recent initiative of interactive web-based tools that AR-PERSCOM has offered to reservists worldwide since launching its newly designed 2xCitizen Web site in October 2000.

Source: Army News Service and Army Reserve Personnel Command Public Affairs.