Verdicts Reached: Mack Roberts & Paul Hamrick Found Not Guilty

Published: Jun. 30, 2006 at 3:45 AM CDT
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With the two convictions of former Governor Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy in the government corruption trial, came two acquittals.

The same jury found Paul Hamrick and Mack Roberts not guilty on all counts, meaning their legal battles are over.

Former state transportation director Mack Roberts isn't bitter about the case. He says, "We knew that we were innocent all along and knew it would come out like this. It's just been a roller coaster.  One day were handling it ok and the next day we were so down in the dumps we never thought we could come out." Roberts says for his family, there was also the fear of a hung jury, which would have led to another trial, something Roberts says he couldn't have done financially. He tells WSFA 12 News that he has used up all of his savings and that, "we'll never recover financially."

Former Governor Don Siegelman's chief of staff Paul Hamrick feels differently. "I'm angry at what has been done to my family. He says, "I hope the harassment has stopped." Hamrick says he should have never been here in the first place, and like Roberts, says the trial has taken its toll.  Hamrick says, "Not only every asset we could scrape up and borrow, but also being able to earn a living while this is going on, emotionally with two little girls, it's been unspeakable."

The two men also agree on what's next. Both say they'll spend some time at home with their families, Roberts, with his wife, Hamrick with his wife and two small children.

Paul Hamrick was acquitted of racketeering, conspiracy and fraud charges.. Roberts was being tried for mail fraud. Both men accused of being in kahoots with Don Siegelman.