Captured Suspect Has Long Police Record

Montgomery Police are familiar with the man Georgia officers arrested late this afternoon.   That's because Mario Woodward has a long history of criminal activity.

That's also why police searched several areas in Montgomery, Autauga and Lowndes Counties. Those areas are tied to Woodwards' arrest record. And on that record, both violent and drug crimes.

We were unable to find juvenile crime in his background, but we do know he was in Ventress Correctional Facility as early as 1995.  He actually sued the Department of Corrections from a jail cell.

Then, in 1998, police arrested Woodward for pot possession and sent the case to the grand jury.

Then there's the case officers know best.  Just four years ago, police charged Woodward with capital murder in the death of Sharon Marks.

Woodward was one of four people charged with capital murder because someone fired a gun from inside a car, and the stray bullet hit Marks. At the time, investigators identified Woodward as the driver of the car.

Police were not happy when the grand jury didn't return an indictment. Investigators say they had a solid case.

Now to his future. Georgia police will hold Woodward for an arraignment hearing.

Then, he'll get a choice;  to waive extradition, which would allow Alabama officers to pick him up and return Woodward here quickly. If he chooses to fight extradition, he could stay in Georgia anywhere from four to six weeks.

Finally,  if there's any doubt about Woodward's presence at the crime scene he took a DNA test back in 2003 for a paternity suit a woman filed against him.