This Quarterback Can Play

Published: Nov. 22, 2001 at 1:42 AM CST|Updated: Nov. 22, 2001 at 2:32 AM CST
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L.C. Cole's main job right now is to come up with a plan to shut down the Tuskegee offense and quarterback Aaron James.

Tuskegee Coach Rick Comegy knows he's seen something special in James. "Quarterbacks are hared to replace and I think if you ask any coach in the country you know you just can't find that guy that's going to stick with you that long and win that many games. This is special and when they come along, you've got to value it and make sure these guys are happy."

Cole remembers that James can create problems for the Hornets. "He's a great athlete. He leads that team. He's a returning veteran and last year he did some things in that game that gave us a lot of problems. He's a guy that can throw the ball well. And he's a guy who can scramble real well and that gives you problems, when you face a quarterback like that. "

Tuskegee receiver Samuel Brown knows how versatile James can be. "He can drop back in the pocket and just buy time or scramble around, run around. If there's nothing there he can run it or scramble around giving the receivers time to get open and make something happen. "

Tuskegee running back Bobby Wilson remarks, "Aaron's such a threat. He can kill you with his legs he can really throw the ball. I'm just glad to see what he can do. He can play."

Aaron James has been Tuskegee's starting quarterback since the first day he enrolled in the fall of 1998 - after an all-state high school career at Blount H.S. in Mobile. James says he had a lot of help making his decision on where to go to college. "I had some relatives that came to Tuskegee and they gave me some pointers about it and I looked into it. They were recruiting really hard. I came fighting for a starting position and I mean it just worked out well. "

Last year Aaron James led the Golden Tigers to a perfect 12-0 season and a win in the Pioneer Bowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. In 4 seasons at Tuskegee Aaron has lost only 5 games, including the Turkey Day Classic his freshman year.

Coach Comegy is a thankful coach. "Thank God Aaron came to Tuskegee and put us on the map as far as winning goes," says a smiling Comegy