New Arson, Burglary, Theft Charges Against Pike Road Volunteer Firefighter

Arson investigators looking into a string of blazes in Pike Road filed eleven new counts against a Pike Road volunteer firefighter Wednesday.

The latest counts came after investigators served Jason Green with a search warrant and found property from at least two different arson scenes.  It's the first time investigators have fingered Green for any of the 2006 fires and it may break loose even more information on ten more from 2005.

The news couldn't come soon enough for Marietta Russell.  Arsonists burned her mothers 70 year old home just after Thanksgiving. But investigators say the suspicious fires go all the way back to 2005 and like other victims she wanted someone held accountable.

"This has gone on so long and this is the first time there's been any publicity about it," said Mrs. Russell.

This morning she got the news she was waiting for. State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk made the announcement.

"We've...charged Jason Green with an additional five counts of arson, five counts of burglary and two counts of theft of property," Paulk said.

Among those new charges, the arson at Marietta Russell's house. Green is the second suspect named in all five 2006 fires. Investigators charged Justin Gorman with five counts arson, four counts of burglary and two counts of theft Monday afternoon.

Some of the latest counts against Green stem from a search officers conducted on his truck and belongings.

"We've had some property stolen from some fire scenes, and we've had one piece of property broken into where there was no fire set," said Paulk.

The sheriff says they made those discoveries because of calls from everyday people.

"Citizens are doing their job - I mean, doing their part," said Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall. "They're giving us good information and we've even gotten calls today."

The county and Pike Road are offering a ten thousand dollar reward for that information.

Marietta Russell is also making a contribution. Her old home is beyond repair, so she's handing it over to some old friends - the Pike Road Volunteer Fire Department.

We're going to give it to them for a testing burn - a training burn," she said.

There are now two questions on everyone's mind.  When will officers move on those additional suspects the fire marshal and the sheriff continue to talk about?

And secondly, what about motive?

County commissioner Reed Ingram is an arson victim himself. He knows both suspects and their families. He believes if they're guilty, it was just a youthful mistake.

Jason Green will not have to make a second court appearance because he was already charged with one arson from 2005.

His family posted a $180,000 bond for the new charges about 4:00 Wednesday afternoon.