Extortion Scam Warning & Contact Numbers

If you receive an e-mail message

threatening you with death by a hit man. The F-B-I says its an

extortion scam.

The F-B-I is warning recipients about the e-mail in which the

sender demands eight-thousand dollars in return for calling off the

death threat. Agents said as recently as July 5th, a Mobile

resident received the e-mail and the message indicated the

recipient was being followed or watched.

The F-B-I said citizens should NOT respond to the e-mail. Agents

said if a person replies, it could tell the sender to escalate the


The law enforcement agency said as many 500 complaints have been

filed since the scam emerged. Individuals are advised to file a

complaint through at the www.ic3.gov web site.

Agents also said if the e-mail contains personal information

that is different from the general scam, contact the F-B-I

immediately at 251-438-3674.