Your Children and Internet Safety

Four years ago, an eternity in internet time, Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe started a website to promote local music acts and connect them with their fans.

Dewolfe says, "We had a lot of friends in the music business and there was a need in the music business for them to have a promotional outlet for their music."

Anderson adds, "We were just looking to be the next big thing on the internet."

They got their wish. is now the fastest growing site on the web with 110 million monthly users worldwide.

Danah Boyd, an expert on social networking explains, "It's extremely successful at filling a desire that people have to communicate with their friends online."

Two years ago, media mogul Rupert Murdoch recognized that success and bought Myspace for $580 million.

This business of social networking is growing so rapidly that now, Microsoft and Google are reportedly willing to invest hundreds of millions to buy just a small piece of one of the Myspace competitors, Facebook.

And speaking of competition, for the presidential contenders it has become the cool thing to have their own Myspace pages.

The most popular candidate on the site--Barak Obama.

Senator Obama has nearly 200,000 friends on his Myspace buddy list.

Contrary to the young image of Myspace, 85% of its members are voting age or older.

"Myspace is far, far more than a teeny-bopper place these days. We have users that range from fourteen to over eighty," says one Myspace worker.

But for the parents of younger users, one lingering concern is whether their children are safe online from sex predators.

Boyd responds, "The problem with the pedophile image is that its a public fear. Its not actually a reality and the data on it overwhelmingly shows that teenagers are extremely safe on these sites."

Myspace says it works with parents and has all sorts of new controls, aimed at keeping the site safe, fun and also...profitable.